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Tappe Sentieri

The three main paths, the Sentiero di Crinale (path of the Crest), that of the Santuari and l’Azzurro (Blue Path), are only the most important itineraries of the Cinque Terre. They are in fact intersected by dozens of secondary mule-tracks which come up from the sea and cross the sea side of the mountains, until going over the other side of the mountain to reach La Spezia and the Val di Mar behind. Mule-tracks which split up into two or three different alternatives, so as to create a wide web of pedestrian roads. Many important and known are also the paths which can be found at the boundaries of the Cinque Terre, like the prolonged path no. 1, which links the territory of the Park to the villages of Levanto on the west and to Portovenere to the east. Or like the pedestrian circuit of the Palmaria, the main island of the small arcipelago which rises in front of Portovenere.


Towards Levanto

Monterosso-S. Antonio del Mesco (319 m.)
Time: 1 h

Above the Circolo Velico (Sailing Club) at Fegina one goes up steps which go up to the street of Hotel Suisse. A little before the hotel one reaches path no. 10 which goes up to arrive at a junction: going right one continues towards Levanto or the colle di Gritta (Gritta Hills), while going left one reaches the promontory of Mesco, where the remains of the hermitage of Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony) can be found.

Soviore (470 m.)-Levanto
Time: 2 h 30 min

From Soviore one descends along the road until reaching the colle di Gritta (Gritta Hills) from where the real path (no. 1) takes up again. This path which goes over mountains and saddles until it arrives at a junction: turning left one reaches Monterosso or the promontory of Mesco, whilst by turning right one goes to Levanto. On the descent one comes across cottages, allotments and terraces, terminating in front of the old lodge of Levanto, after having passed by the walls of the Medieval castle.

Towars Portovenere

Il Telegrafo (513 m.) - Portovenere
Time: 3 h 30 min

From Telegrafo one takes path no. 1 in the direction of Portovenere. After having gone through the pine wood of the Palestra del Verde (Green Gym), an itinerary which allows one to do a series of exercises out in the open air, one reaches the village of Campiglia. From here one continues going over Monte Castellana (Mount Castellana), the forte del Muzzerone(Muzzerone Fort) and old marble quarries, to then descend by a panoramic stair to the central square of Portovenere. 

La Palmaria

At Palmaria, the largest island of the arcipelago which rises up in front of Portovenere, a pedestrian route exists which starts and ends at the small port of Terrizzo and which allows one to reach geographic and historic sites of great importance. Above all the Grotta Azzurra and the Grotta dei Colombi, in which prehistoric remains were found, as well as some military buildings dating back to 1800.

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